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Post Wedding

Flowers are such an essential part of weddings. I mean, can you even picture a wedding without them? I certainly cannot. And while not all weddings will include a whole roomful, or several, of flower arrangements, at the very least, the bride will have a bouquet.

Considering how important and meaningful—not to mention, expensive—wedding flowers are, it can be pretty painful to imagine your flowers getting tossed into the compost bin (hopefully they are!) after just one day of celebration. Were they worth it? Absolutely! But there’s one floral item that’s more sentimental than most: the bridal bouquet. The bouquet is special because it is tailor-made to complement and accompany the bride during the most significant and memorable moments of her wedding day. Not only that but bouquets are so beautiful! The good news is that brides don’t have to part ways with their beautiful blooms indefinitely because we have Soil + Soul Studio!

Soil + Soul Studio is a modern bouquet preservation company founded by former bride and botanical artist, Natalie LaRosa. After celebrating her nuptials on the California coast, she made an amazing piece of artwork using her perfectly preserved flowers. She now makes one-of-a-kind pieces for brides all over and, even better, her technique is eco-friendly! We spoke with Natalie to understand her process a little bit more and were thrilled to learn that the mediums she uses are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and produce no VOCs. Her team also recycles and composts wherever possible and uses sustainable packaging materials to protect the artwork during travel.

So, brides, be sure to reserve a spot for your bouquet in their studio because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the process couldn’t be simpler. You simply reserve a spot online and ship your bouquet to her studio where she and her team of botanical artists guide your flowers through a delicate process of preservation. Once your art is ready, she ships it back to you where you then find a spot in your home to proudly display your new artwork. Amazing!


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